February 2013:

Every February in Blackpool the worlds largest magic convention takes place – The Blackpool Magic Convention!

I attend the convention this year and it is my sixth consecutive year. The Blackpool convention attracts over 4,000 magicians from around the globe and includes some of the greatest sleight of hand artists you are likely to see in your life! I travelled up to Blackpool with some of the guys from ‘The Sussex Magic Circle’ we always have a great time.

There is so much to do at the convention… There are rooms of magic props to buy… Magic items as far as your eyes can see! You could easily spend 4 days solid looking around in the magicians dealer halls. You could easily empty your wallet too!


Blackpool isn’t just about the magic you can buy! It is the magic and inspiration you can obtain watching other magicians perform. One of my favourite acts of all time is Yu Ho Jin.

Yu Ho Jin has performed at the last two Blackpool magic conventions with his stunning card manipulation act, this always receives a standing ovation. It would have taken him years to practice and perfect the techniques he uses within his routine. I have included a video of Yu Ho Jin performing his act so you can see for yourself.

I had a fantastic time at Blackpool and learnt some incredible new magic!
If you would like to hire a magician for one of your events, don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact page! Until then, all the best – Matt.