Magician Matt Parro - Biography


Matt Parro is a professional magician, focusing on fresh and modern style stunning magic.

Matt’s magic career began at just the age of 18. He specialises in magic with coins, cards, everyday objects and technology. Matt even performs various effects where he can read minds.

Many of Matt’s effects have never been seen before as he spends time creating and developing new ideas and techniques.

Here are some of Matt’s career highlights so far:

Matt Parro Shows iPad Magician

2023 Matt was hired to entertain in Qatar for a month, providing breath-taking bespoke digital iPad and iPhone magic (Learn more about Matt’s digital magic here).

2022 Matt entertained and amazed at a private event in Gstaad, Switzerland. He was then invited back later that year to wow guests at their company Christmas party.

Matt Parro Bio Virtual Magic Show
2020 Due to the Coronavirus pandemic Matt created a virtual magic show that companies and families could enjoy via Zoom from the comfort of their own home (Read more about Matt’s Zoom Magic Show here) (View the clip here).
Matt Parro Bio Nigeria

2017 Matt performed his first event internationally. This was for a private event in Nigeria. Matt performed an incredible stage show for over 300 people.

Matt Parro Shows Street Magician

2016 Saw the release of a new and long-awaited Matt Parro Magician Promo.
(View the clip here)

Matt Parro Bio Sussex Magic Circle

In 2015 Matt became the chairman of The Sussex Magic Circle, Matt hosted and performed on club nights. He was one of the youngest ever members to become chairman in the club’s history.

In 2014 Matt was hired to entertain at a large-scale corporate event where James Corden was the host. Matt wowed James with his award-winning magic.
(View the clip here)

Matt Parro Bio Samsung Magician

In 2011 Matt was handpicked to create and perform a magic trick using Samsungs award-winning mobile phone (The Samsung Galaxy SII) for an advertisement campaign. This has been viewed by over 1 million people (View the video here).

Matt Parro Bio Children In Need 2007

In 2007 Matt was invited back to perform for BBC’s Children in Need.
(View the clip here)

Matt Parro Bio Sun Magician

2007 also saw Matt being featured in ‘The Sun’ Newspaper, and on their website with an article and 3 exclusive videos.

Matt Parro Bio Barbershop Escape

In 2006 Matt was chained and padlocked to a barbershop chair and had less than minutes to escape…
(View the video here) (View the newspaper article here)

Matt Parro Bio Children In Need 2006

Also in 2006 Matt appeared on Children in Need with BBC’s Dick and Dom’s – Dominic Wood.
(View the clip here)

Matt continues to astound people with his jaw-dropping engaging new magic. Maybe you or your clients will be next to be amazed and astounded by Matt Parro.

Magic Awards

  • Magic of the mind Competition 2006-2007 (Sussex Magic Circle).
    “Matt Parro gave a powerful performance using nothing but the power of my mind.”


  • Card Competition 2006-2007 (Sussex Magic Circle).
    “I remember his energy and the feeling of his act. It was uplifting and exciting.”


  • Card Competition 2005-2006 (Sussex Magic Circle).
    “It is very well deserved – for his continued commitment to our craft, his relentless pursuit of direct and baffling material, his wanton experimentation with new presentations, and his willingness to contribute to the club. And, of course, for a great act on the night.”


  • Close-Up Drive 2004-2005 (Sussex Magic Circle).
    “When the evening was over, the votes were counted and the winner was Matt Parro with an excellent card routine”