Close Up Magician

Close up magician Matt Parro adds excitement and enthusiasm to any event you might be hosting. This stunning modern magic shows will have you and your guests speechless in a matter of seconds. – Click Close Up Magician for more info.

Wedding Magician

Hiring a wedding magician for your special day can help break the ice between guests that may not have met before. Magic is great live wedding entertainment and can help to fill times when the bride and groom are busy. Perhaps during the photographs? – Click Wedding Magician for more.

Corporate Magician

Adding a corporate magician to your next corporate event will make you and your company stand out from the crowd. Amazing corporate magic tricks devised around your business and brand can not only be jaw dropping but can also bring in more potential clients. – Click Corporate Magician.

Table Magician

Table magic is an excellent addition to any event. Having live entertainment at your table not only relaxes guests that may not have met each other before, it also makes your party or event original and exciting. – Click Table Magician for more info.

Party Magician

Party magician Matt Parro is one of the freshest entertainers in the country, whether you’re planning a 21st birthday party or a 50th wedding anniversary celebration Matt can add the magic to that special day, making it unforgettable. – Click Party Magician for more.

Event Magician

Having a magician at your event whether it’s a corporate event or just a private party will make it stand out to be memorable for years to come. Sussex Event magician Matt Parro guarantees enjoyment and laughter so don’t let your friends, colleagues or clients miss out when it comes to planning your next event. – Click Event Magician.

Trade Show Magician

Every good company knows adding something interesting to a trade show stand attracts a crowd. Well hiring a trade show magician can not only attract a crowd, they can turn that crowd into clients using modern day magic. – Click Trade Show Magician for more info.

Street Magician

Matt Parro is an expert street magician that draws a crowd instantly. Do you require some street entertainment? Matt can provide you with modern magic using everyday objects such as newspapers to cans of Coke – Click Street Magician for more info.