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Why have a Trade Show Magician?

A trade show magician is one of the best ways to attract a crowd, deliver your message and generate a higher ROI. In fact, trade show magicians have been around since the first trade show attractions.

The reason that trade show magic has been and still is a popular trade show attraction is simple: most people are fascinated with magic and rarely get the opportunity to see it done live, done well, and by a professional. The words “done well” and especially “professional” are the key. Like singing, there are many people who can sing a song or two – just like there are many people who can do a magic trick or two. However to be able to make your entire living from doing it is another matter. You’ve got to be really good!

Magic communication

Matt creates a warmer and friendlier atmosphere between visitors and the sales staff. He is also very good at communicating your companies marketing message in the most informative, captivating and unforgettable manner. With all this, it means, that by employing Matt Parro as a trade show magician you can increase your sales potential significantly.

The best part about watching magician Matt Parro is that he will use very innovative styles including if needed those of silent magic, this easily helps in overcoming all kinds of language barriers. Matt will generally use a tactful approach and will be very friendly and also very interactive. When using the services of such magicians at a trade show, the main aim is to help in attracting greater number of visitors to a booth.

Building a crowd

Trade show magicians can also help in drawing bigger crowds, Matt’s customised magic will also help your sales staff in zeroing in on key visitors by helping to qualify your prospects while Matt conducts his show. Matt will also succeed in collecting business cards while performing his round the clock show, which allows your staff to concentrate more on other important activities such as helping to build relationships with prospective clients.

Of course, a good trade show magician needs to possess more than good sleight of hand expertise, they must also have good public speaking skills and they should be excellent communicators as well. Luckily Matt Parro has all of these skills, and will succeed in creating magical presentations that will help your company stand out and shine even when faced with the toughest competition.

4 Reasons to choose Trade Show Magician
Matt Parro to enhance your ROI

If you want to enlist the aid of a trade show magician to help you generate a buzz throughout the floor, attract crowds, deliver your marketing/sales messages and generate higher quality leads, then you want to make sure that you get the best talent to do that. Here are 8 top tips as to why trade show magician Matt Parro is that person:

1) Matt Parro Is A Professional Magician
A professional is someone who earns their entire living from their business. A semi-professional only occasionally earns money from their line of work and usually has another business or employment at which they earn a living. An amateur just does it for fun.

Why would you want anything less than a professional representing your exhibit at your show?

The trade show magician is the first thing that attendees will see at your booth. He is your spokesperson for the length of the show. That’s why you want to make sure the trade show magician is a professional in that he or she has a proven track record at working trade shows. He could also work other corporate events such as meetings or conferences, but he or she must have experience in working shows. In other words, you want a specialist – A professional who earns their living working for corporate clients.

2) Matt Parro and Repeat Bookings?
I have been working trade shows for years and approximately 90% of my clients rebook me at multiple shows, year after year.

3) Matt Parro’s Personalised Presentation
In order for the presentation to make sense to your audience and to effectively deliver your marketing/sales messages, there needs to be a customized script that is created by the magician. Professional trade show magician Matt can create a customised script that will help advertise your company/brand and help market your product.

With regard to the presentation, ask what type of magic effects Matt can perform and how they will tie into your theme or messages.

4) PR, Leads or a Combination of Both
You need to determine if you want the magician to just attract a crowd (PR) or actually provide you with quality leads that your sales reps can turn into sales, therefore heightening your ROI. Matt Parro can provide all!