Table Magician

Choose a Close Up Table Magician to Deliver Results Right at the Table.

Magician Matt Parro works his magic with objects close to the guests at your party, with coins, cards and everyday items, this is called a close up table magician.

Corporate table magician

Matt Parro is skilled in social skills, and knows how to engage your audience. A table magician is very popular at corporate events, parties and weddings. Professional table magicians Matt works their magic on your guests with his wit and gets even the most reserved of your guests to smile, talk and laugh.

Close up table magician Matt gives the audience and the guests at your party a definite experience to remember for a lifetime when they come face-to-face with a real magician.

All of us have enjoyed watching magic shows on the television, but an interaction with a real magician would be something they would cherish all their lives. Guests simply can’t believe their eyes when they see things change shape before them or even disappear in thin air. Table magician Matt Parro even lets some guests carry the objects with themselves as a souvenir!

Table magicians are ideal when you have some guests who refuse to come out of their reserve despite all your attempts. Close up table magician Matt keeps all the guests involved in his tricks, so everyone gets to do something and everyone enjoys themselves.

Table planning

You would have to give some attention to the seating arrangement of your guests. It would be ideal to have not more than 8-10 guests around a table. There should be room enough for the magician to move around freely while performing his tricks. To enhance the overall experience, be sure to consult Matt on the kind of music if any that would be playing in the background while he performs his stunning magic.

Table magicians for hire

Need to hire a table magician for your corporate event, wedding or party? Quality table magicians are hard to find. Magician Matt Parro has been performing professionally for over 20 years.

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