Street Magician

Street Magician


Thinking of hiring a street magician to entertain at one of your events look no further magician Matt Parro is one of the finest street magicians in the country.

Matt is a professional and experienced magician that specialises in street magic. So what is street magic? Street magic is often referred to as close up magic, walkabout magic or mix and mingle magic.

Street magic is when the magician approaches a group of people, normally unsuspecting guests at a party/event or even on the street and entertains them with stunning close up magic!


Street magicians for hire

Do you need a street magician for one of your events or private parties? Well you have come to the right place hiring a street magician for your store opening, product launch, TV advert or party could not be easier!

To get in contact with Matt to entertain your clients or guests just click on the contact page or complete the free instant quote form on the right!


Street Magicians