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Magician Alex

Alex is from a new school of entertainment, pushing through his own unique brand of freestyle magic – astounding close-up magic performed right under your nose with common, everyday objects, often borrowed from your guests!

Alex honed his skills by performing for thousands of people over the last ten years from all walks of life, he now spends his time between Spain and the UK where his act is in demand for its originality and the crazy reactions his magic often receives – it’s the type of magic you see on TV and you will think it’s all set up!

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What is Freestyle Magic?

“It’s a blend of mind reading, street magic and pure madness!” With Alex you can expect modern and creative Magic that happens in YOUR hands, often with YOUR items.

Forget wands and coloured scarves, Alex believes audiences are more sophisticated and deserve the very best in the art of cutting edge close-up magic.


It’s like Improv or ‘Jazz Magic’

Most tricks are performed with objects that are already lying around or on your guest’s person such as coins, rings, cutlery, watches, driving licences, cigarettes, salt shakers , keys etc – This makes the magic more memorable as it connects with the spectators and feels more “in the moment” and personal.

This means your event will be talked about for many years to come.


If you’d like to book Alex for your event please contact Matt Parro on 07731 845432,
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